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Welcome to our website. This website is built by myself in order  to showcase our family run Dairy & Beef farm in Swansea, South Wales. Hopefully it will help to promote smaller family run farms across the country and show just how important it is to back British Farming. Make sure to scroll down the homepage and check out the menu above for more information. Feel free to leave a comment and I hope you like the website.

- Andrew Stevens


About Us

Llannant Farm is a third generation family run Dairy and Beef farm in Swansea, South Wales. Llannant is run in partnership by Mansel, John and Andrew Stevens.


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The business was started in 1941 by William John Stevens "Jack Llannant" and then was taken over by his son Mansel. The farm has always had Dairy cattle, milking out of a very old stone cow shed as can be seen in the video below.

As well as small dairy herd, Llannant used to do some 200 sheep, pigs and also a fruit and veg round, which was started by Jack with his horse Ginger. With the veg round proving extremely popular with the local towns throughout the county, they had to switch the horse and cart out for a large Mercedes Van in the 70's and it was that van that worked right up until the mid 90's when we decided to stop with the fruit and veg and concentrate fully on Dairy and Beef.

Feel free to check out the old photos and I have added an old video that can viewed below. 

**More History to be added soon!


A Vintage film of our family run farm during the late 1960's and early 1970's.


David William John Stevens

'Jack Llannant'

Born in Neath in 1916, he moved to work on a neighbouring farm in the 30's before jumping at the chance to run his own farm when Llannant came up for sale in 1941.  

Mansel Stevens

Born in 1941 on Cwrt Y Carne. the neighbouring farm to Llannant. Mansel was a excellent amateur boxer, boxing out of Pengelli Boxing Gym, which was in one of the barns on the farm. He took over the farm after his father passed away in the 80's and is still working hard at Llannant to this day!